Today We visit Tarragona

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Magic city of Tarragonés, declared a world heritage site of the year 2000.


We enjoy a day of urban tourism visiting the vestiges of a thousand-year-old civilization,we’ll investigate the alleys of the old town and take a vermouth surrounded by 2.000 years of history.

Of course we’ll have lunch eating a good paella in the Serrallo neighborhood, we will rest and play on the beach and much more.

How to get there









Balcony to the Mediterrean

At the top of the Rambla Nova there is the viewpoint known as the Balcony to the Mediterrean (Balcó del Meditarrani).

This is a very appreciated place by Tarragona natives. It is 40 meters above the sea and from the iron railing we can contemplate the sea, the port of Tarragona, the beach of Miracle and the amphitheater.

Peopple belives that touching this railing gives good luck.











The sunsets are also beautiful from this emblematic viewpoint.









New Boulevard (La Rambla Nova)

Great avenue that crosses the modern city of Tarragona. It goes from the imperial Tarraco square to the Balcón del Mediterráneo. In it and in the adjacent streets there is a great variety of shops and restaurants.

















We were walking along the boulevard, the streets and the square of the fountain until reach the cathedral.










The Cathedral of Santa Tecla

Located in the highest part of the city, at the top of a stairway, Gothic style and dedicated to Santa Tecla, patron saint of Tarragona.
















From here we walk through the surrounding streets, all full of charm, history and with shows included.














Until the Forum’s square










And then to the square of Rei, to take the typical vermouth.























We will go to the Serrallo, the maritime quarter of the city. In the afternoon there is fish auctioning.











We recommend Cal Joan, a restaurant specialized in rice dishes. It is in one of the narrow streets of the Serrallo, not far from the promenade.

We eaten the black rice and the seafood paella, very good!

Here is the link:

















After this meal we went to walk through the port of Tarragona.










And of course, we stopped at the beach of Miracle, which is the closest to the town.

There we were playing in the sand for a while before making more historical and city route.



















The Roman amphitheater

One of the jewels of Tarragona, In its day, it was the scene of gladiator’s fights.

We spent a good time watching him while the children investigated behind the stones.
















And finally after a snack we went to finish the day

visiting the Roman wall, which surrounds the old town of Tarragona.

We discovered a sculpture of the wolf with Romulo and Rem that everyone had worked in school.









Y aquí saltando por algunas piedras y chafardeando cañones, ya anocheció.


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