(Español) Bosque mágico de Òrrius y balsa de “Ca l’ Argent”

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The magic forest of Òrrius is a good option to go out a morning or an afternoon in the forest with the children.

We can park the car nearby and we will have to look for the sculped stones that are hiden the vegetation.


How to get there

We will drive on the road the BV-5106 that goes from La Roca del Vallès to Òrrius and just after the curve of KM 2 we will find an entrance that goes to “Ca l ‘Argent”. We will enter and leave the car parked



















We left it parked in the yellow zone and started to walk towards the red line.










We sarted walking and very soon we found on the right a detour that leads to the first figure:











This Indian figure is sculpted by both sides:













We will come back to the path and about 50 m ahead of the Indian figure, we will find the sculpture of the giant stone elephant:



























Then we will go to the pond of “Ca l’Argent” to have a snack.

We will go back towards the road we entered and instead of turning right, we will continue straight.











Here I show you the way in pictures:
























And here we have the pond

It is round, with stairs to access and with stone benches. The water is full of fish. There are also some open channels that must bring water to the pond.














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  1. Una excursio fantastica!!!!

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