Natural pool “Niu d’ Àliga” (River Glorieta, Prades mountains)

NATURAL POOLNIU D’ ÀLIGA” (River Glorieta, Prades mountains)

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The “Niu d’ Àliga” (eagle nest’s) Is a spectacular pool of the river Glorieta, a well-known route of the Prade’s mountains, but with great charm and near Reus and Tarragona.

The route to the pool is about 7 km and quite flat. We found families with children doing it. I think kids 5 year olds can do it.




How to get there


Motorway AP-7, take exit 34 towards Reus and follow the route C-14 towards Montblanc. About 25km you’ll see the exit to Alcover. Cross the village direction Prades-Mont-ral. Follow the signs for “Vall de Glorieta-Ermita del Remei”.





This route can be started from two points:

  • The hermitage “L’ Ermita del Remei”-

You could park the car for free, but with the condition that you eat in the restaurant of the Hermitage. Restaurant ” K-L ‘Ermità”. Starting the route from here meant  walking 10 minutes more.

  • Parking “Mas Forés”:

You can park the car paying, when we went the cost was 5Eur / day. There is also an information desk. Also in this area, there is a picnic zone.

We started it from “l’Ermita del Remei” as we stayed for lunch. Here you have the link of the restaurant:


We went in summer. It was a very hot area, bring water, caps and sun protection factor

The route

The ermitage “L’ Ermita del Remei ” (Baroque).










We will follow the road that starts by the restaurant:










It is indicated “Camí de Mont-Ral”







At 10 minutes we will reach the old paper mill









We follow the road that starts by the car park and the information desk:










At the beginning of the road we will go along a irrigation ditch.








Take care, because in one point of the route there is a junction in which someone has indicated with manual signs that to get to “Niu d ‘Àliga”  has to go in another direction. Following these manual indications the road is more difficult, longer and less indicated. Attention!









Then, we will continue along the trail wich is quite flat and follow the indications of “Central (per pista)”, these do not indicate anything of “Niu de l ‘Àliga”.









We will cross the river Glorieta above the stones.










We will find more indications, we have to follow the ones that indicate “Central (per pista)”












We will get at the private property “Mas d ‘in Mario”, we pass by the door.










We’ll keep going without leaving the route, we will cross again the river Glorieta.









We will arrive at the old hydroelectric power station and go up the stairs.












At the end of the stairs we find an information panel of the Gloriera river’s.











We will follow the sign to “Niu d ‘Àliga”, I have marked it in blue.






Now we have tofollow a little path through the forest until we find the entrance to “Niu d ‘Àliga”.









This will be the molt difficult part of the road until you reach the waterfall and the pool.












And finally the waterfall and the spectacular pool.

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