Snowshoeing in Tristaina lakes “Llac Primer” Primer lake (Ordino)

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Circ Tristaina_08


I discover this route by chance, becasue while my family was skiing, I decide to walk with snowshoes.

It is a group of three high-mountain lakes of glacial origin, located in the ski sloples of Ordino,  Andorra.

I only had time to do part of the route, I reached the first of the three lakes.


Behind the name of glacial cirque:

Glacial cirque

Concave shape of glacial cirque formed by bowl-shaped depression on the side of the near mountains.


From the Latin “Tri stagna”, that is to say three lakes.


I advise carrying a backpack where I can hook the snowshoes, because to get to the lakes I had to climb a small mountain that at that time was not very snowy and I had to remove them to climb.

How to get there:

We have to go to the Ordino ski resort, because a part of the road that it’s close to the lakes in winter is used as a ski slope.

Circ Tristaina

We can park the car in the Els Planells car park and start the route in the direction to the monument Arcalís 91, a spectacular steel ring of the sculptor Mauro Staccioli.

Circ Tristaina_01

Circ Tristaina_02

We will keep walking along this track, the green “Megapista”, which is the longest green slope in Europe with 8.5km, direction to the coma’s restaurant

Circ Tristaina_03







Close to rope tow of the Pla de la Coma, when the green “Megapista” crosses the La Canaleta’s track, we will find a map of the Tristaina Lakes.

Circ Tristaina_04

We turn off the track and go head towards the lakes. We will have to climb a small mountain that separates the lakes from the slopes.

To climb this small mountain I had to remove the snowshoes,because in some areas there was no snow; It was very useful to carry a backpack where you could hook the snowshoes while I climbing up.

Circ Tristaina_05












To place yourself, the red circle is the Coma’s restaurant:

Circ Tristaina_06

And looking to the other side we see the giant “O”.

Circ Tristaina_07

Al llegar al primer lago, el Llac Primer, encontraremos estas indicaciones:

Whwn reaching the Primer lake, “Llac Primer”, we will find follow indications:

Circ Tristaina_08

At this moment  we can see down  the Primer lake, “Llac Primer”, the smallest of the three.

It was all frozen.

Circ Tristaina_09

From the lake goes a stream with a wooden bridge to follow the route to the other two lakes, the “Llac del Mig” and the “Llac de Més Amunt”, which is at the base of the peak of Tristaina (2,878m).

Circ Tristaina_10

Circ Tristaina_11

It was a great experience to enjoy this winter mountain landscape and share the day on the snow with my family, even if I do not ski. I met them for lunch at the Coma’s restaurant.

I have to comeback to complete this route to the three lakes.

From what I have seen, the complete route to the three lakes with snowshoes, is about 9km. In the search engines there is a lot of information about it.

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